Happy New Year!  I hope you had a happy, healthy and relaxing holiday season. 
I'd first like to remind everyone of our new address:

1437 Woodroffe Ave.
Ottawa, ON K2G 1W1
The phone number is unchanged: 613.829.0427

Our phone number will remain the same (613.829.0427)

We completed the move over the holidays, and are very happy with, and grateful for, our new office!

Since January is the month of new year's resolutions, I would like to introduce you to a new body composition program which is not just a weight-loss program, but a program that teaches an overall healthy lifestyle.

   Is there a Need for this Program?

It is a "Burn fat | Be fit | For life" program. 

  • Do you need to lose a few pounds you gained over the holidays? 
  • Are you a student who has succumbed to a 15 - 20 pound weight gain? 
  • Did you gain weight during you pregnancy that you'd love to lose? 
  • Is a little excess weight creeping up on you gradually over the years?  That you can never seem to lose?

The program can help you look good, feel better, have more energy and simply feel healthier - even if you don't feel you need to lose weight.  In fact, the program measures several different aspects of body composition (see below) - the emphasis is not just on weight; other factors such as % body fat, hydration and muscle mass are equally important.
Note that DNA controls only about 20 - 30% of our health; we control 70 - 80%.  There's a lot we can do to improve our health!  We are not doomed to be [fat/ ill/ tired/ fill in the blank].

As I'm sure you're aware, excess body fat increases your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and many other diseases.  With the current obesity epidemic, an increasing proportion of the population is currently in the overweight and obese categories shown below.

The following table shows ranges of body fat according to different weight categories. 

Body fat ranges






Female age 18-39





Female age 40-59





Female age 60-99





Male age 18-39





Male age 40-59





Male age 60-99





Note:  The source has overlapping intervals; we increased the lowest number in the interval by 1% to avoid this.

% body fat is a more meaningful measurement than Body Mass Index (BMI) and this is what we focus on.  BMI does not do a good job of taking into account muscle mass in people who are muscular.

% total body water is measured, telling you if you're well hydrated or not.  Women should be 45 - 60% water, and men, 50 - 65%.  Muscle mass, bone mass and daily caloric intake are also measured.  Metabolic age is calculated, so you can see how that compares with your chronologic age, as well as your visceral fat.  You may be aware that visceral fat behaves differently than other fat, and too much visceral fat carries health risks that are more serious than 'regular' fat, so knowing how you score in this respect is extremely useful. 

This is truly a different kind of weight-loss program. It's a unique, 13-week program that brings to life all of the elements of the Habit of Health, beginning with weight loss. . . all the way to lifelong health.
A different topic is covered each week, and includes:

  • Your reasons for burning fat and being fit?
  • Lose weight by losing toxicity.
  • Mastering your food environment.
  • What do my cravings say about me?
  • Are your thoughts making you fat?
  • Dealing with stress.
  • The importance of social networks.
  • Let's get a move on!
  • Mindfulness eating.
  • Glandular health, wealth and wisdom
  • Keeping your change alive!

Some benefits of this holistic, comprehensive approach to weight loss and health include:

  • SOCIALIZING. A fun group setting allows participants to immediately tap into a powerful social network. Friends building you up makes any change easier.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY. Participants conduct weekly weigh-ins and measurements to track success and assess needs. They share their successes.
  • MEASUREMENT. Measures weight, body fat %, hydration levels, lean muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age and more! Participants get to know their body’s unique needs.
  • HEALTH EDUCATION. Participants acquire the knowledge and skills they really need to achieve lifelong health and wellness.
  • A focus on emotional factors and how to balance real life drama with health goals. Some of the modules address these issues specifically, plus participants support each other.
  • HEALTH ASSESSMENTS. Develop product programs customized to your participants’ needs to help accelerate their success.
  • Personalized flexible program. Eat the foods you want and use complementary products to help you attain your goals. (see Supplements section).  No pre-packaged meals!
  • Exercise. The program provides many helpful tips to overcome barriers to exercising regularly.
  • Food journal.  Participants keep a daily food journal outlining the number of servings of food in several categories, and are given a recommended number of servings.  Serving size is discussed at the beginning of the program.  It has been shown that keeping a food journal greatly improves the long term maintenance of weight loss goals.

These features break down the barriers that most people face when they want to lose weight and/or improve their health.

If you are interested in changing your body composition, please contact me (613.829.0427).


Nature's Sunshine sells several products that help with many different aspects of weight loss:

Protein drinks:
Protein drinks are recommended, particularly for breakfast, to help with weight loss since it requires more calories to digest protein than either carbohydrates or fat.  Protein also helps provide energy and a feeling of satiety.

  • Smart Meal (available directly from our office)  Convenient, vanilla-tasting shake mix.
    • 15 grams per serving of high quality, vegetable-based protein, providing all essential amino acids.
    • Ideal for vegetarian and low fat diets.
    • Provides over 20 vital vitamins and minerals, plus essential fatty acids including omega 3.
    • Nutritious and satisfying meal replacement.
    • High-protein and low calorie make it ideal for weight-loss programs.
    • Makes an excellent foundation mix for creating your own customized smoothies.
  • Nurtiburn (available directly from our office), a high-protein, low-carb drink mix, is made using the latest generation of high quality whey protein. It is manufactured from sweet dairy whey using a cold ultra-filtration membrane technology to produce an undenatured protein concentrate. Whey protein provides all nine essential amino acids and is the most beneficial type of protein for the building of lean body mass. Scientific studies have also shown that the fibre content in whey protein is beneficial to the gut.
    Nutriburn is also enriched with CLA (conjugated linoleic acid). Studies on CLA have shown that it increases lean body mass in animals.
  • SynerProTein (available directly from our office) Protein builds muscle and repairs body tissues. Helps maintain sufficient protein intake for expectant mothers and vegetarians.  Promotes better concentration.  Generates energy and heat.  Provides the extra protein needed as a result of bodily stresses such as hemorrhage, pregnancy, prolonged illness, excessive nervous stress, strenuous physical activity, surgery, and wounds.  Helps adults prevent protein deficiency, which can cause a loss of energy and stamina, impaired healing of wounds, mental depression, weakened immunity, and slow recovery from illness.  Protects the body against free radical damage.

Carbo Grabbers (available directly from our office) contains an amylase inhibitor derived from northern white kidney beans, which may help reduce the calories available to your body. It naturally and safely interferes with the digestion of starchy carbohydrates. Because the enzymatic breakdown of some dietary starch may be inhibited, these undigested starches can be carried through the intestinal tract where the body can eliminate them. This makes avoiding carbohydrates—a common practice among some dieters—a thing of the past!  We added 18 mcg of patented, food-bound chromium per serving. Chromium helps transport glucose from the blood into the cells. This means Carbo Grabbers provides additional help toward maintaining blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Chromium may also have a positive effect on blood fat levels.

Ultra Therm: (available directly from our office)To be used with a program of reduced intake of dietary calories and increased physical activity to help in weight management.

  • Enhances cognitive performance
  • Endurance
  • Alertness and
  • Motor performance

Stixated (available directly from our office) provides support for healthy glucose metabolism.
It helps the body to metabolize carbohydrates and fats.

Fibre Boost (available directly from our office)  Formerly known as Fat Grabbers.

  • Increases the intake of water-soluble dietary fibre.
  • Guar gum and psyllium hulls are both water-soluble fibres. Studies have shown water soluble fibres adsorb free fat and other unwanted materials in the intestinal tract. The fibres with the unwanted materials adsorbed onto them are then eliminated through normal digestion and elimination processes.
  • Chickweed and lecithin act as natural emulsifiers, which help to keep dietary fats in solution so they can be more easily adsorbed and eliminated.
  • Fibre Boost may relieve some symptoms normally experienced by individuals who have difficulty digesting dietary fats.

LBS II (http://www.ramilas.com/store/#!/LBS-II-100-capsules/p/6402604) An excellent laxative combination, LBS II is designed to nutritionally support the production of digestive enzymes and bile, to promote the growth of friendly colonic bacteria. The herbs in this popular combination are a source of calcium, crude fibre, magnesium, phosphorous and sodium.

LIV-A (available directly from our office)

  • Various herbs in this formula have been used to stimulate bile flow and improve digestion and detoxification.
  • The herbs in this formula provide nutritional support to strengthen the liver and gallbladder function. This may help reduce some symptoms associated with liver congestion, such as inflammation and pain.
  • Dandelion root is known to increase urine flow to flush toxins out of the body via the kidneys. Dandelion root has traditionally been used to stimulate appetite and to increase bile flow.
  • Turmeric has been used traditionally to relieve stomach complaints such as nausea, cramping and flatulence.
  • The herbs in LIV-A have traditionally been used to help treat anemia, constipation, congested lymphatic glands, flatulence, gallstones, hepatitis, jaundice, kidney stones, and water retention.

Zerenity (available directly from our office) supplies the body with natural stress-coping reserves, addressing core deficiencies that may otherwise amplify anxiousness when faced with certain situations.

Stress Formula (http://www.ramilas.com/store/#!/Stress-Formula-100-tablets/p/6402647) A vitamin B-complex formula in a base of calming herbs to nutritionally support the nervous system when under stress.

For additional information, please email ramila@ramilas.com; or call Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic at 613.829.0427 for an appointment.  Please continue letting friends and family know about this newsletter.  Also on our website, please see back issues of this newsletter, additional information about products, order products, and see information about our Clinic.

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The suggestions and recommendations in this newsletter are not intended to be prescriptive or diagnostic. The information is accurate and up to date to our knowledge, but we are not responsible for any errors in our sources of information.

These newsletters will help you make better choices for better health. The choices that you make today can either have a positive or negative impact on your overall health. Begin by choosing better. It is a step toward longevity.


Ramila Padiachy
Ramila's Healing Arts Clinic